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Todorova Guest House is located near the church in Bansko and the city central square, where often various concerts, parties, exhibitions, fairs and other typical for the town celebrations take place.

It is close by the new Molerova tavern, which offers delicious traditional Bulgarian specialties, combined with unforgettable atmosphere and live music.

Central “Pirin” street is just few steps away from Todorova guest house – there are a lot of taverns and shops for food, drinks, clothes and souvenirs.

The cabin lift is 3 min by car away. (Look at the map in “Contact Us” section)

Todorova House

The guest house has been build at the beginning of the last century by Chakarovi Family. At the time of the conflagration in Bansko in 1936 it has been affected and burned in its bigger part. Subsequently it has been reconstructed with the help of the so called “king's money” – aids given to those who suffered the fire disaster in Bansko. Through the years there have been build additional parts connected in the typical for Bansko joined construction. In the east part of the building has been situated the shoemaker's workshop of the owners.

Now Todorova guest house is generally repaired, keeping the traditional Bansko style and the authentic atmosphere of the Bulgarian national revival.

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